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St. Christopher Episcopal Church


Sunday, January 30, 2022 

St. Christopher Episcopal Church

1501 N. Broad Street

Fairborn, OH  45324


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11 am, Sunday, January 30, 2022

  1. Call to Order and Opening Prayer
  2. Appointment of Secretary
  3. Minutes of 2021 Annual Meeting
  4. Nominations for Vestry and Delegates

Report of the Nominating Committee: Hayward Learn and Millie Roach

Election of Senior Warden and Vestry members by acclamation.

Report on results of the online election of Convention Delegates 
and Alternates

  • Finance Report – Robin Jones and Hayward Learn 

Review of 2021

Presentation of 2022 budget as approved by the Vestry

  • Receive Written Reports
  • Priest-in-Charge Report
  • Other Business and Questions 

Adjournment with Closing Prayer and Dismissal

St. Christopher Episcopal Church

Annual Report for year 2021


Report Name                                                                 Page Number

Nominating Committee Report………………………………………………………………………….. 4

2021 Vestry………………………………………………………………………………………………… 4

Nominations for Vacancies…………………………………………………………………………. 4

Nominations for 2022 Diocesan Convention Delegates and Alternates……….. 4

Senior Warden’s Annual Report for 2021………………………………………………………….. 5

Junior Warden’s Annual Report for 2021………………………………………………………….. 7

St. Christopher’s Youth Group Report for 2021………………………………………………… 8

Priest-in-Charge Report for 2021………………………………………………………………………. 9

Minutes from St. Christopher’s Annual Meeting 2021………………………………………. 9

St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church Financial Statement…………………………………. 11

St. Christopher’s 2022 Budget………………………………………………………………………… 12

St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church   Treasurer’s Report 2021   Robin Smith….. 14

“Glory to God whose power, working in us, can do infinitely more 
than we can ask or imagine.”  Ephesians 3:20.

Nominating Committee Report

2021 Vestry

Senior Warden                 Hayward Learn                 Term to expire January 2022

Junior Warden                  Cindy Feltz                      Term to expire January 2024

Member at Large              Millie Roach                    Term to expire January 2022

Member at Large              Andrea Haberecht             Term to expire January 2023

Member at Large              David Manship                 Term to expire January 2024

Member at Large              Ed Smith                         Term to expire January 2024

Treasurer                         Robin Jones                                        Indefinite Term

Nominations for Vacancies

Senior Warden                 Hayward Learn                 Term to expire January 2025

Vestry Member at Large    Millie Roach                    Term to expire January 2023

Vestry Member at Large    Mary Donnellan               Term to expire January 2025

Vestry Member at Large    Dan Snavely                    Term to expire January 2025

Nominations for 2022 Diocesan Convention Delegates and Alternates

  • Derick Faller
  • Lauren Faller
  • Cindy Feltz
  • Ann Foster
  • Alan Haberecht
  • Andrea Haberecht
  • Hayward Learn
  • Gordon Walbroehl


Senior Warden’s Annual Report for 2021

Hayward Learn

Good heavens!! What was that?  

That, my friends, was the year 2020 er, no, that was the year 2021.  Now in all my years I have to say, I thought I would never experience anything like the year 2020 but I must say, 2021 did its best to catch up. I’m not going to try to describe the year because you all were right there with me so let’s talk about things that went right. 

One very significant thing that happened was St. Christopher continued in the high technology age. Although we cautiously returned to in-church services, all of our services from Easter to the end of the year were broadcast over Facebook live.  Thanks to this technological approach to church, we can confidently say that no one got sick as a result of coming to church.  Also, of some significance, we found that many persons continued to view our online services who were not members of St. Christopher. 

Surprisingly, unlike many churches, our giving remained steady and as a result, we again finished the year in a much more financially healthy position than estimated at the beginning of last year.  Before we get too pleased though, realize that our program expenses continued to be low because we continued to cut back significantly on our programs. Had we enjoyed a normal church year, (whatever that looks like) we might have finished the year in negative figures.  Folks, we, like most mainline churches, are no longer wholly supporting ourselves.  As you will see elsewhere in this report, we are entering 2022 with a deficit budget again.  Many program events continued to be intentionally cut and we based the budget on the assumption that we would not be returning to full, in-person church services until later in the year when the COVID vaccine had lessened the risk of being together. Even after we returned to in-church services, we went to the extreme of having coffee hour outside under a tent. Folks, we are trying to be good stewards of our money but, unfortunately, expenses such as utilities, taxes, payroll, supplies, and equipment costs continue to rise, especially as inflation rears its ugly head.  At the same time, our giving remains relatively level.  I would ask that if you comfortably can, you consider raising your church pledges and other forms of giving a little bit.  We, your vestry and wardens, meanwhile will continue to look at further cost cutting activities.

Well, on that downer, let’s take a look at some of the other actives and efforts upon which we can look proudly. Sunday school continued for our younger members thanks to the efforts of Gail Stauffer, Cindy Feltz, and Barry Kelley.  When the youth were unable to attend these three worked out packages that could be delivered to the youth’s home. The Tuesday prayer services continued first via Zoom and then, after we opened church at Easter, by in-person and zoom technology. Thanks Father John and Cindy Feltz for your leadership there. For the physical plant, we secured a contract to trim our trees so the church and the illuminated cross could be seen from the road and fewer leafs would clog our gutters.

One of our goals has been to continue to let our physical plant in the form of our parish hall be available for outside interests rather than let it remain fallow throughout the week. I’m pleased to say we have a number of outside groups using our hall. Our Hall continues to be used by an organization called Champion Force Athletics with a cheer-leading group on Monday evenings. Another group called Independent Martial Arts holds a Karate self-defense class on Thursdays. These organizations work with youth who for some reason or the other are not able to participate in community or school programs. This is the fifth year for Champion Force and to our benefit, they pay a fee every time they use our parish hall. We also support the local Blood drive people twice a year in providing them a location to set up and draw this gift of life.

As I said last year, one area in which I continue to feel we need to work is our organized ministries both inside and outside the church.  We have a number of on-going, and, let me hasten to say very important ministries performed by one or two of our people at a time, but those ministries bear the names of other organizations. We have no significant ministry in place to which we can point and say, “This is us; this is St. Christopher’s”. What say we get our heads together and see if we can come up with a niche ministry that is both necessary and that can bear our name. One ministry I have heard bantered about is a widow’s support group that could first support many of our ladies here in church and then after it gets going, open it to the community. Perhaps a ministry of our own would advertise our church in such a way as to attract new members and as I indicated earlier, we can use all the members we can gain.

One last area I would like to touch on is church heroes.  These are people who give of their time for the benefit of the church with no apparent reward for their efforts.  There are Ed and Carol Smith who stepped up each week to serve as tellers and have further volunteered to be our Pledge Clerks. While recognizing them I also thank Ed Smith and Gail Stauffer’s son John who spent many hours on our riding lawn mower keeping our grounds looking like we care. Dan Snavely has been quietly making physical plant repairs and upgrades around the church.  Alan Haberecht and Lauren Faller have continued the task of updating our electronic sign on an on-going effort to keep it current. And both Alan Haberecht and Chester Howes have become experts on running our Facebook live camera, projection, and sound equipment to both broadcast our service to the world and support our in-church hands off the books experience.  (Don’tcha just love COVID?)  Dereck Faller assumed the role of our investment chief and has successfully invested some of our church money into interest bearing investments that have already shown significant positive growth well over that of savings and checking accounts. And Finally both Lauren Faller and Andrea Haberecht who come into the church routinely and at varying times to sign checks so our staff and merchants can get paid. Andrea Haberecht has also been doing the preponderance of Altar Guild duties, many times unseen during the week. Hats off too to Cindy and John Feltz who have done several repair and cleaning and transplanting tasks around the church. Let’s not forget Paul Reichert and Becky Wood who for the umpteenth time served as our church auditors enabling us to get our audit in on time so we could have voice and vote at the annual Diocesan Convention. Don’t forget too, our gardening Committee; Anne Sidney, Cindy Feltz, and Ed Smith, who have gone out of their way to secure contractors to trim our trees and possibly in the future redo our church gardens to make them an area of our grounds of which we can be proud. I also include here a shout out to our Prayer Warriors.  Meeting every Tuesday, they pray for those of our congregation who are ill or experiencing some kind of turbulence in their lives. They pray for the church family and the church family’s friends and families. And let’s not forget our Greeters and Ushers who make people feel welcome upon entering the friendliest church in the Miami Valley as well as maintaining order as people find seats and progress to the altar rail for communion. And although we missed them most of the year, we thank Melody and our wonderful choir who presented us with such good music for Christmas and thereafter. There are more heroes but these are the ones of whom I am aware or just plain can’t remember.  Thank you all of you for jobs well done.

Hayward Learn




Junior Warden’s Annual Report for 2021

Cindy Feltz

The Junior Warden acts as a regular member of Vestry and participates in all Vestry meetings and activities.

In addition, the Junior Warden at St. Christopher’s is responsible for leading the yearly pledge Sunday which occurred on October 24, 2021.

The term Stewardship – taking care of – became the theme.  To a degree we re-enacted “Bringing in the Sheaves” JOYFULLY!

And, as true to form, the good people of St. Christopher’s responded generously.  Now, we must proceed to share the Good News in our many different ways through worship, education, fellowship, outreach, and Christian care.  We received 38 pledges totaling $103,000.

Thank-you for being such loving, caring people as we move forward as a joyful church.


Cindy Feltz



St. Christopher’s Youth Group Report for 2021

Hayward Learn 

This year our Youth Group staggered a bit. 

As you all know, this year we continued in lock down due to COVID and its derivatives. Although we opened the church at Easter, we did not participate as groups in church or Diocesan activities. As a result and unfortunately we had to forfeit the many activities in which we normally participate. We gave up a rebuild Dayton activity, an Adopt a Park Activity, our annual Easter Egg Hunt, a summer mission trip, our annual canoe and camping trip, our annual Halloween party, and our annual New Year’s Eve overnight/ bowling party.  Bummer Dude!

Regardless, the young people in our group are smart, independent, and known throughout the diocese.  Our newer members have been participating as acolytes at the altar and before long they will be Lectors, Chalice Bearers, and Ushers you see every Sunday and we love them.

In spite of our disastrous youth year, I want to recognize you, the congregation.  Without your support, both morally and financially, we would have a mediocre program.  It is your support and participation that shows our kids that they are all members of a much larger, loving family.  It is your support that will stick with our kids as they go off to college and beyond.  God bless you all.

Hayward Learn

Priest-in-Charge Report for 2021

John S. Paddock

Remarks will be presented at the meeting.

Minutes from St. Christopher’s Annual Meeting 2021

St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church

Fairborn, Ohio

Annual Meeting Minutes – January 31, 2021

Called to Order Online Via Zoom:  The Rev. Father John Paddock opened meeting at 12:00 pm with prayer asking for God’s grace and courage as we renew the mission of the church.

Clerk: Anne Sidney was appointed secretary for the meeting.  

By-law Amendment to Permit On-line Meetings

The Diocesan Chancellor (lawyer) recommends that all congregations adopt this by-law amendment. The following was moved, seconded and the motion carried to add Section 9 to Article VI:

“Meetings of members of the congregation, of the vestry and of other committees within the congregation may occur in person, by digital or virtual means, or by a combination thereof, subject to implementing reasonable measures to allow each participating person to hear (or otherwise be informed about) comments and information available to those attending in person and to participate by voice or other means of oral or written communication available to those attending in person.”

Minutes: It was moved and seconded that the 2020 minutes be approved.  Motion passed.

Nominations for Vestry and Delegates:

  • Cindy Feltz was nominated for Junior Warden to fill a term that ends in 2024. David Manship and Ed Smith were nominated for three-year Vestry terms that also end in 2024.  It was moved and seconded that all three candidates be elected by acclamation.  Motion passed.
  • Delegates and alternates to the convention. Voting was done via a website over several days leading up to the meeting. Members were provided with User ID’s and Passcodes. A single paper ballot was cast in the Parish Hall. The following were elected:
  • Convention Delegates: Andrea Haberecht, Lauren Faller, Hayward Learn, and Derick Faller
  • Alternate Delegates: Becky Wood, Kathy Smith, Chester Howes, and Anna Foster

Finance:  Robin Jones, treasurer, reporting

  • Review of 2020.
  • In 2020, the church income was $18,215.19 more than expenses.
  • Church assets (cash and investments) were $331.012.
  • Presentation of 2021 budget as approved by Vestry.
  • Budget projects a deficit of $5,080.07 

Written Reports: The Annual Report was made available online and contained a number of written reports and financial data. It was moved, seconded, and the motion passed to receive the written reports.

Senior Warden Comments: Hayward Learn reviewed some the main accomplishments of the past COVID year. With a grant from the Diocese, we re-surfaced the parking lot. With a special gift and insurance compensation for our church sign that was damaged in the spring by high winds, a new “digital” sign was erected. Hayward reviewed our financial situation and thanked a number of people for their service to the congregation and the community.


Father John reviewed this past COVID year, the difficult decision to close for in-person worship, the struggles so many have had with the Pandemic. He thanked the congregation for our willingness to adopt Facebook Live and to shift to online coffee hours, Healing services, and Zoom Theology. He led us in prayer for the ill and the grieving. And he looked forward to the availability of vaccines and warmer weather which might allow for some in-person worship and gatherings.

Closing Prayer and Dismissal:  Father John Paddock asked God to bless us and send us out as the community of St. Christopher.

Faithfully submitted,

Anne Sidney

St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church Financial Statement

St. Christopher’s 2022 Budget

St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church 
Treasurer’s Report 2021   Robin Jones