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New Online Giving Site Activated

Early in the pandemic, the Episcopal Diocese of Southern Ohio developed and provided an online giving site so that southern Ohio parishes could continue to receive donations that previously would have been collected during services. The diocese has asked that parishes who have found the online giving site a help, establish their own similar sites. After discussion with the vestry, St. Christopher’s has set up an online giving site similar to the one the diocese provided.

There are several ways a donor can access the online giving site:

  • A “button” has been added in your eLantern. Near the bottom of this newsletter is a block of buttons, the top button reads, Donate to St. Christopher’s. If you click the button, you will be redirected to the giving site.
  • When accessing the St. Christopher’s website, a button is located near the top, right of the page that says Give Online. Clicking the button will redirect you to the giving site.
  • You may access the giving site directly by entering this web address into your browser’s search bar:
  • A free app can be downloaded to your tablet or smartphone that will link you directly to the St. Christopher’s online giving site. To find the app, search your App Store (Apple or Android), the App is called “Shelby Giving” and the app icon will look similar to one of the icons below.

When making a donation from the St. Christopher’s online giving site a nominal processing fee will be incurred. Paying the processing fee is completely optional, you may choose to help St. Christopher’s by paying the fee or not. Processing fees for bank transfers (ACH payments) are 75¢ [cents] each and fees for payments made through a credit card are $1 each.

For help or more information about online giving, contact Hayward Learn or Andrea Haberecht.