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eLantern for June 23, 2021

Last week the Diocese of Southern Ohio revised the guidelines for in-person worship. Most of the precautions and limitations have been removed, leaving it to clergy and Vestries to decide how to apply them at the congregational level. At Sunday’s meeting, the Wardens and Vestry reviewed the revised guidelines and here are our decisions.
The guideline reads, “No mask is required for any person who is fully vaccinated. Masks are required for persons who are unvaccinated or in the presence of persons who are not able to be vaccinated, such as children or the immunocompromised.”
At St. Christopher’s we will reserve the front four pews on the Epistle side (the right side as one faces the altar) for individuals or groups who voluntarily wish to distance and wear masks. Others who are fully vaccinated will be able to sit in any of the other pews, masked or unmasked as they choose.
We will not require proof of vaccination. We trust the people of our parish to love their neighbors and to do what is best for the common good and for the protection of those who may be vulnerable.
The diocesan guidelines now allow for full communion using the common cup. However, we feel that it is too soon to allow for this. We need to obtain a second silver chalice and to determine how best to protect the vulnerable. We will revisit this at the August Vestry meeting. In the meantime, we will continue to have Holy Communion in one kind (bread) only.
Capacity and Choral Singing
We will return to full capacity (with distancing requirements in the first four pews on the Epistle side).We will resume processing and recessing behind the cross.Choral Singing without masks is permitted.We will continue to refrain from passing the collection plate.Regular sanitation practices should continue to be followed.
Coffee Hours and Receptions
Diocesan guidelines read, “Coffee hours and receptions can be resumed. However, if food is served, it is recommended that items be individually wrapped or provide a server for buffets to avoid common utensils.”
At St. Christopher’s we will resume coffee hours on Sunday, July 11. This will give us time to obtain disposable cups and to plan details about food. Please keep an eye out for further information.
If you have comments or suggestions regarding these parish guidelines, please contact me and/or the Wardens, Hayward Learn and Cindy Feltz.
Faithfully,John Paddock
Holy Eucharist at 10 am—in-person and on Facebook Live.
Healing and Holy Eucharist, Tuesday at noon, in-person.
SUNDAY, JUNE 27, 5th Sunday after Pentecost, Proper 8B Service Details
2 Samuel 1:1, 17-27Psalm 130, p. 7842 Corinthians 8:7-15Mark 5:21-43(Clicking the above links will redirect you to the full reading at https://www.lectionarypage.net/)
Prayers of the People: Form II, p. 585Eucharistic Prayer A, p. 361
Bob and Lois, Eleanor, Toni and Ed, Judy, Debbie, Steve, Melissa, Aaron, Jessye, Dorothy, Camden, Chuyi, David, Nora, Evelio, Dee, Stephen, Kim, Dora, Barb, Quinn, Alma, Cindy, Patty, Cathy, Betty T., Mel, Kelli, Linda, Mark, Angie, Joanne, and Anthony.
Returning to in-person worship for some and sharing the service with others on Facebook presents us with some challenges. This “Hybrid Church” creates some pitfalls as the requirements of online are often different from those of in-person experience. As we live into this new reality, we will be experimenting in various ways.
One of those is to shorten the service a bit by having only one lesson (Old Testament or Epistle) rather than both. Due to many factors, we have fewer people to serve the altar and read the lessons, so this will help in that regard.
Before COVID, we had Worship Leaders, Lectors, Chalice Bearers, and Acolytes in addition to clergy. Ed Smith is continually reminding us to KIS (Keep It Simple). So with that as a goal, we will:
Discontinue the term “Worship Leader” and the role. The Episcopal Church has a category of lay minister called a “Worship Leader”. However, these people complete a course of training and are licensed by the Bishop to lead worship when clergy are unavailable. But St. Christopher’s does not have any such trained and licensed folk. So it’s confusing. Let’s just let it go.
Each week we will have a “Vested Lector” who will lead the Psalm and the Prayers of the People. This person may also serve as crucifer, server, and/or Lay Eucharistic Minister.
We will discontinue the term “Chalice Bearer”. Back in the day, this term was used for laity who served the wine. But a number of years ago, the Episcopal Church started to use the term “Lay Eucharistic Minister” (LEM). LEM’s are authorized to distribute both bread and wine. At the moment, we are not sharing the wine. Should the need arise, a LEM may distribute the bread. We will train “Vested Lectors” to be LEM’s if they are not already.
Unvested lectors will read the lesson each week. They will come up from the congregation to read. In order to make it move more quickly for the “online congregation”, we ask that the unvested lectors come forward during the Collect of the Day or even earlier in order that they be ready to read immediately after the Collect.
All participants are encouraged to be ready to go as soon as their role is required. This will help reduce any “downtime” during the service. This is especially important for the online participants.
The appropriate response at the end of a lesson is “Hear what the Spirit is saying to the Church” or “The Word of the Lord.” Nothing is generally added at the conclusion of the Psalm.
Psalms are read “Antiphonally by half verse”, “Antiphonally by whole verse”, “In unison”. On some occasions the Psalms may be chanted, but that will take careful preparation with the choir.
We will continue to change as we adapt to COVID regulations, available personnel and other circumstances. We will begin implementing some of these changes beginning in July. I invite people who are assigned to a particular role to come at 9:30 on the Sunday they are assigned in order to go over everything before the service.
—John Paddock
An in-person meet and greet with Bishop Smith will be held on July 10. Watch for more information!
Please contact Parish Secretary, Kay Mitchell, to sign-up to donate Altar Flowers. Please specify the date you are requesting. Hollon Flowers will provide two altar arrangements for $25; please make your payment two weeks before your requested date.Have you tried St. Christopher’s online giving site? St. Christopher’s has partnered with Shelby Systems to develop an online giving site for donors to make their gifts to St. Christopher’s electronically. Use this link or the button below, marked Donate to St. Christopher’s, to access the giving site. For more information and details see the article on our website, here.
Happy Birthday to:
Becky Wood on July 6, Jamie Faller on July 9, Tyson Jones on July 20, Diane Cannon on July 26
Happy Anniversary to:
Brooke and John Blackman on July 2
FISH Fairborn recently debuted their new website at: www.fishfairborn.com. On that website is up-to-date news about FISH as well as a list of immediate pantry needs.
On June 25, a mobile health unit will be at the pantry from 1-4pm providing COVID vaccinations to anyone eligible who wants one. Pre-registration is not necessary.
At this time Fish Fairborn urgently needs: Jelly and cereal. Adult Depends (Size XL and Large)
By category other needs include:Basic Foods: Hearty soups, stews, peanut butter and jelly, macaroni and cheeseMeat/High Protein Group: Canned meats, canned fish, nuts and seeds, rice and beansBreads, Cereals & Pasta: Hot and cold breakfast cereals, baking mixes, pasta and canned saucesDairy Group: Puddings and custardsFruits and Vegetables: Canned fruits, canned juices, canned vegetablesOther Items: Cat and dog foodNon-Food Household Products: Toilet paper, bar soap, diapers, personal care products such as deodorant, shampoo, laundry soap, etc
Monetary donations to FISH Fairborn can always be sent to FISH Fairborn, P.O. Box 1484. Fairborn, Ohio 45324. Of course, anything you can give helps. Items donated at St.C’s are collected and delivered to FISH once weekly, either Tuesdays or Fridays.