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Church Door Keys to be Replaced

We are preparing to have our church door locks re-keyed. Over the years keys were given to church members and others who needed regular access to our building. Unfortunately, the records are incomplete, some folk have died or moved, and keys haven’t been carefully monitored. Therefore, we are uncertain who has a key, who does not, and where all the keys have gone.

To correct this situation, we plan to have the doors re-keyed and new keys made. The keys will be numbered to better enable record keeping. This is in no way an attempt to prevent appropriate people from having a key if needed.

To facilitate this process, we are asking folk who need to have a key to request one. There is a sign-up sheet in the parish hall for that purpose, or you can call the parish office and register your request with Parish Secretary Kay Mitchell.

The Church Insurance Company and the Diocese of Southern Ohio require that all people who possess a church key to have completed Safe Church training. You can do this online at the this link. (See note blow.) The training is free, takes between 1.5-2 hours, can be done all at once or spread over several sessions. When you complete it, please print a copy of your certificate and bring to the church office.

When the re-keying is scheduled, we will give you plenty of notice so that you can pick up your new key.