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Palm Sunday and Easter

On March 28, 2021, we will return to in-person Sunday worship at 10 am. In order to maintain proper distancing, there are a limited number of seats available. Call today to reserve a seat for Palm Sunday and/or Easter at 937-878-5614 or email to Let us know how many people will be with you or if you will be alone. Details about what to expect follow below. Services will also be online on Facebook Live.

What to do and expect regarding return to Sunday in-person worship:

–Make a reservation.
–Dress appropriately for the weather since windows and doors will be open.Plan to arrive early so that we have time to admit people at the door, one individual or pod at a time.
–Wear a mask covering both nose and mouth. We have extra masks for those who may need one.
–Once inside, your temperature will be taken with a no-touch thermometer.
–We will sign you in and make certain that your contact information is correct in case we need to do contact tracing.
–An usher will seat you, filling from the front to the back. (Two pews near the back will be reserved for larger pods).
–Offering plates will not be passed. They will be on a table or stand near the back of the church.There will be instrumental music only. No Singing!
–The service will be shorter than usual.
–Ushers will release one individual or pod at a time to go forward for Holy Communion. The priest or deacon will drop the bread into your hand as you stand. Then return to your pew before consuming it.
–Blessed palms on Palm Sunday will be available for pick up when worshippers come forward for communion.
–When the worship is finished, ushers will release each individual or pod one at a time, beginning from the back of the church.
–There will be no coffee hour. And worshippers will be encouraged to go directly to their cars without visiting in the parking lot.
–For those who will be watching on Facebook Live from home, we have obtained new equipment so that you can get a better viewing experience. Please be patient as video and sound operators learn to be comfortable with the equipment and software.